Change the textile industry

Cotton and polyester production pose significant environmental threats, with adverse effects on both fresh water consumption and substantial greenhouse gas emissions.


Rethinking fiber flows

Traditionally textile fibers are produced from virgin raw materials and end their life in incinerators or landfills.

At Textile Change we are developing a technology that turns textile waste into raw material for fiber production.

This will enable a future where we can transform the loads of locally present textile waste to make a recycled fiber that maintains great quality. 

Our Technology

Molecular level innovation

Our technology treats fibers at molecular level. By doing this we aim to separate textile blends as well as pure textiles without degrading fibers, so that used textiles can be transformed into new clothes:

The input is discarded textiles, the output is cellulose and polyester ready to be spun into new fibers.

We are constantly looking to refine our technology to further minimize energy consumption and broaden the scope of our enterprise.


Innovation technology

Back in 2019, three engineering students started experimenting in the lab looking for new and better ways to recycle textiles. The results were promising, and in 2020 Textile Change was founded.

Several people have since joined the team, and we have now established a test plant as a stepping stone to our first commercial facility.

Our mission is the same now as in the very beginning: We are driven by a desire to change the way textiles are produced and recycled. A circular future is possible.

Partnerships and collaborations

We collaborate with a bunch of different partners to
achieve our goal of transforming the textile industry

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