Who are we?

Our team makes for a great balance of nerdiness, textile-passion and entrepreneurial spirit.
Besides our individual experience, the three founders will soon be able to call ourselves biotechnology engineering graduates. Anders and Anders have many years of experience regarding startups, and together the five of us make Textile Change.

Ditte Højland

Business Strategy & Management

To Ditte, the link between chemistry/biotechnology engineering and textiles is obvious. She is a trained design technologist specializing in fashion design, and her choice to become an engineer and entrepreneur is motivated by an inherent need to develop sustainable alternatives to traditional textile production.

E-mail: dh@textilechange.com

Simon Rossen

Research & Development

Simon has a background as a carpenter, and has experience as project manager and tool designer. During the engineering studies, his interest in materials has gained a strong scientific foundation. Now he utilizes his skills to manage the work in the laboratory.

E-mail: shr@textilechange.com

Emma Hostrup

Funding & Marketing

Emma is an entrepreneurial firebrand. Since her experience as a finalist in the competition “Young Scientists” in her High School years, she has known that the inventive brain of hers should be used to develop innovative solutions to benefit the world.

E-mail: eh@textilechange.com

Anders Reimer

Business developer 

Anders has great experience with development of businesses and fundraising and joined the team in march 2020. Anders has an eye for detail, and sees the potential in everything.  

E-mail: ar@textilechange.com


Anders Nielsen

Finance & Economy

Anders is a shark with numbers and joined the team in march 2020 along with Anders Reimer. Anders brings his financial skills to the table in Textile Change, and knows a thing or two about spreadsheets.

E-mail: an@textilechange.com


Want to collaborate? Have any questions or comments?
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Textile Change
Textile Change

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