In order to meet the goal of bettering the textile industry, working together is crucial.
Below you can read about who we collaborate with now, and how we do it.


Berendsen is a textile service company, and part of the international company elis. Berendsen is supporting our work, by providing us with discarded textiles from their Aarhus and Kolding laundromat-departments. This way we get representative material for our labtrials and product development.

Aarhus University,
School of Engineering

Besides from the great gift of knowledge and engineering skills we are receiving though our education, Aarhus University is supporting us by providing acces to laboratories for our development work.

Birgit Bonefeld

Birgit is a textile biologist researcher. She is just as motivated as us to make the textile industry more sustainable, and has introduced us to a lot of the technical aspects of textiles. Birgit continues to provide us with great advise and support.

Check out her awesome blog here:



In October 2019 we received a micro-grant from the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship, in the Sustainable Development Goals category. We were awarded with this because of our work regarding the Sustainable Development Goals number 12: Responsible consumption and production and number 15: Life on land.