In order to meet the goal of bettering the textile industry, working together is crucial.
Below you can read about who we collaborate with now, and how we do it.


Berendsen is a textile service company, and part of the international company elis. Berendsen is supporting our work, by providing us with discarded textiles from their Aarhus and Kolding laundromat-departments. This way we get representative material for our labtrials and product development.

Logo Aarhus University School of Engineering

Aarhus University,
School of Engineering

Besides from the great gift of knowledge and engineering skills we are receiving though our education, Aarhus University is supporting us by providing acces to laboratories for our development work.

Startup Factory

Textile Change started in the facilities of Startup Factory, located at Navitas in Aarhus. Startup Factory is a startup hub that offers workshops, guidance and internships for entrepreneurs from Aarhus University, and they have given us the absolute best surroundings for the start of our journey.  

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The Kitchen

Textile Change has moved into new surroundings in 2020 and has now become a part of the innovationhub The Kitchen in Aarhus


Textile Change is a part of Tekstilrevolutionen, a think tank with a focus on how the textile industry can be changed for the better. They help companies to see opportunities, and inform the interested people through their blog, podcast and talks.
Read more about them here:


2 Micro-grants

In October 2019 and again in march 2020 we received a micro-grant from the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship, in the Sustainable Development Goals category. We were awarded with this because of our work regarding the Sustainable Development Goals number 12: Responsible consumption and production and number 15: Life on land.

Direktør Ib Henriksens Fond

Textile Change has also received a grant from the foundation, Direktør Ib Henriksens Fond in February 2020

miljø- og energifonden

In april 2020 Textile Change received a grant from miljø- og energifonden. They support green ideas, like development of technologies and products that has a positive effects on the environment and reduced carbon emissions


In April 2020 Textile Change received an EarlyCash grant sponsored by Grundfos and The Kitchen which is given to startups in the early stages

Heyfunding Legatet

In October 2020 Textile Change recieved Heyfunding Legatet. Heyfunding helps entrepreneurs, startups and established companies with investormathcing , funding-overview and they also present Heyfunding Legatet in support of Danish entrepreneurship.


In September 2020 Textile Change recieved an Innobooster from Innovationsfonden for the important experimental work lying ahead of the construction of a demonstration plant.

AURAs Grønne Pris 2020

Textile Change was honored with AURA Energis Grønne Pris 2020. The grant is given to researchers, students, startups, educational institutions, companies, municipalities, NGO’s or others that transforms ideas into practice with a focus on sustainability, green transition, sharing economy or the like.


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