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About us – the short version… 
Why are we here? Textile Change exists because we want to reduce the negative climate- and environmental impact of the textile industry. This we will do in a way that makes it possible for us to cover the highly increasing demand for new textile fibers. 
How are we going to do that? We want to make the textile industry greener by reusing textile waste. Every day tonnes of textile waste is burned and deposited in landfill. We believe that textile waste is a valuable resource and that we need to look at it in new ways – as a rawmaterial. Therefore, we are developing a waste management system where the textile waste is being processed with a mechanical pretreatment followed by separation into basic components through a very gentle, chemical process. 
What does that mean? It means that we are able to reach a very high utilization of recourses. It doesn’t matter whether the clothes are made of polyester or cotton; either way, the textile waste becomes an inexhaustible source in the production of new textile fibers. 
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Textile Change – 2020

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